"Planning and control development to create a prosperous and developed town"

"Ensure laws and rules are enforced fairly and wisely"

"Provide complete and structured social facilities creating a healthy society"

"Creating an informative and innovative organization"

"Practice People Friendly management"


MPM Establishment's Objective

Based on motto "EFFICIENT TRUST DYNAMIC PROSPEROUS", MPM aim to be an excellent government agency in the district. It's vision is to be an excellence centre (Centre of Excellence) among local authority. It is also strives to change the previous image and maintain the continuation between the society and government.

The Council objectives should become a guideline for every employee to ensure high and dynamic service quality. Among the establishment's objective are:-

  • Deliver a good service to taxpayers, manage and control in administration development area.
  • Improve administration and management performance.
  • Improve cleanliness and planning development in its administration sector in order to be more organized and well-balanced.
  • Beautify MPM's area in line with aspiration and government's expectation.
  • To encourage Bumiputera participation in trade or business or to reform the society.